Sharp Air Purifier with Humidifier for Homes, Rooms, Office | Active Plasmacluster Technology | True HEPA & Activated Carbon Filter | Manages ideal humidity | Model: KC-F30E-W

Price: ₹ 29,000.00 - ₹ 18,489.00
(as of Jun 11,2021 04:05:53 UTC – Details)

Sharp has been providing products under ISO Quality to the customers. On our journey to provide innovative products, we have envisioned an air purifier & humidifier with ‘Plasmacluster Technology’ that removes microbes, harmful organic compounds etc. from the air and generates positive and negative ions as in the nature while increasing the moisture content in the indoor air so you can enjoy your time with friends and family. Sharp KC-F30E-W Air purifier and humidifier has three filters that removes all the unpleasant smell, smoke, dust mites, allergic particles, airborne mold etc. from the indoor air and purifies the air so that you can feel fresh and healthy all day. It covers the total area of 280 square feet. The humidifying function increase the moisture content and prevents the skin from getting dry, helping you to breathe fresh air and be healthy and fit all day. Sharp has been the topmost priority across the globe. We aim to provide only original and best products to our customers. We have developed high end technology products. Find more of our products according to your needs and choices

Warranty Description: 1 year standard warranty
Special Features: This indoor air purifier has inbuilt Plasma cluster technology which is certified by 31 global labs
Special Features: The humidifying function helps in adding ideal moisture content in the air that helps in preventing dryness of the skin, eyes, lips etc.

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