How to get your 30 Seconds whatsapp videos


Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature of video status and now people are searching for 30 Seconds Video for setting them as video status but are not finding their videos to set them. All videos are available on youtube but not 30 Seconds .You have to make them 30 Seconds your self.Here you will learn how to download your favorito video and make it 30 Seconds to set on your whatsapp status. make sure every video on google or youtube is not available at 30 Seconds. you should make your self it a 30 Seconds.

First you have to search your favorito video youtube and then download it. to download any youtube video use any youtube video downloader such as  videoder or vismate on google  and then download them.
now search and download any video from youtube and download it using videoder or tube mate

Now also download vidtrim app from playstore to trim the full video to 30 Seconds. Trim or cut downloaded video to 30 Seconds which ever part you want using vidtrim app. By this way you will be available to make any video to 30 Seconds and then set as your status.

If you need any help comment below.

Disclaimer- Youtube and it’s creators are against downloading youtube videos.

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